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Hemp has been humanity's staple throughout time because of its extensive usability - it is the most user friendly resource on the planet. Hemp is a hardy plant with a deep taproot, meaning it can be grown in dry conditions, it naturally resists pests and doesn’t deplete the soil it grows in for decades. Science has also proven Hemp to absorb more CO2 than any forest or commercial crop.

The need for sustainable replacements for paper, packaging, building, medicine, nutrients, ropes and pet fodder has seen a resurgence in these hemp led industries around the world. We are on the brink of this same innovation boom in Australia.

Established in 2021 our farmers all live and grow hemp in the pristine Northern Rivers of NSW which spans from Grafton to Tweed and Urbenville to Byron Bay and the Northern NSW coastline. Our farms thrive in the region's fertile valleys and catchments of the Clarence, Richmond & Tweed Rivers (the Northern Rivers ).

Our co-op emerged as a collective of like-minded, passionate farmers wanting to reverse soil degradation and the impact of industrial farming practices. Our part in this movement is clear - we draw from the diversity and strength of our farmers to produce the finest ingredients and products for everyday life, innovating and expanding the Australian Hemp Industry and helping to rebuild a sustainable future from the seeds we sow.

All of our Full Spectrum Hemp infusions available on our online shop are made with hemp grown in the rich volcanic soil of the Bundjalung Country, New South Wales. Our products are simply infused with carrier oils, without chemicals or additives and rigorously tested by Southern Cross University and the NSW Department of Primary Industries to ensure consistency and legal compliance. Keep up to date by signing up to our mailing list and reading our blog posts. You can also find out more by reading our FAQS




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